What is an Array?

When populating a dynamic module like Grid or Table via an HTTP Request, you will be asked to 'Select An Array' to use for populating your module.

An array is a cluster of variables that are all connected to one item. If you wanted to build a database of "People at My Office" for example, the array might contain variables such as Height, Hair Colour, Job Title, Date of Birth, Location, etc.

If you then wanted to use Frontly to display that data, you might select that array, and then map the characteristics to different fields in your data table or grid modules in order to visualize your data effectively.

Understanding Array Structures

Let's say your API Response data structure looks like this:

"data": {
"products": [
{ name: 'T-Shirt', price: 19.99 },
{ name: 'Hat', price: 14.79 },
{ name: 'Sweater', price: 39.99 },

In this case, at the 'Select An Array' step, you would visually navigate through your data and click on the 'products' option to tell the system where your iterable items are located:

This tells our system to start looping through the items at that layer of the data, which results in a dynamic page.

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