Frontly allows custom actions to be mapped to button presses or module areas within your custom pages.

Actions can be used to for several tasks, including to trigger an HTTP request, notification popup, make a request to a Google Sheet, open a modal popup, or create a browser cookie.

They can also be used to link to another page you have created with Frontly. To do this, select the button or module section you would like to assign the action to, hover over the sidebar, click Actions>New Item+>Item Click Action. From here you can select one of the pages in your Frontly account via the dropdown menu, or navigate to a page address by typing /page-name and replacing the "page-name" with your desired page route.

If you haven’t yet labelled your page with a Route, you can do so within the config panel. Click Page>General, and scroll down to the Route field. (Note: all page routes must begin with a backslash).

Actions can also be designed to run when the page is loaded. This can be useful if you’d like to assign the page a cookie within their browser settings or fetch data with an API request to ensure the user is seeing relevant, up to date information.

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