What is a Data Source?

To show data from an external source like a Google Sheet or an API, you need to create a Data Source.

There are several types of data sources available, which are explained in detail below.

For example, if you want to display your Google Sheet data in a Table, you would add the Google Sheet as a Data Source.

Google Sheets

You can link Frontly to a spreadsheet with Google Sheets. To do this, exit the app builder and navigate to Frontly's root menu. Under the "Integrations" section, click on Google Sheets. Click "Add Spreadsheet", and enter the Spreadsheet Link and Tab Name. Give your spreadsheet a title to make it easy to identify in the future.

Once you've added the Sheet to your Integrations page, you can select it from any app you build as an action by navigating to Actions>Add Action>Google Sheets Request, and selecting your Sheet from the dropdown menu.

*Note: Google Sheets naming conventions within Frontly are case-sensitive, so copy/paste titles for best results.

HTTP Request

When you create a Custom Action with an HTTP Request step, the response from this request becomes available as a data source for that page.

Use this option to connect your data to Frontly with a REST API to create powerful custom apps.

Dynamic URLs

You can set up a Dynamic URLs by selecting the option in under General

Let's break this down:

  1. App Base URL = https://yourapp.com

  2. Page URL = /cafe

  3. Dynamic ID = /b8a82ff2dd6d

    (this part will be in your URL in your live app)

This will create a Dynamic URL data source automatically that detects the dynamic variable in your URL for use in custom actions and for displaying.


Use an Airtable base as a data source easily with our Airtable integration. Just select Airtable in the data sources window and you'll see the option to paste your base ID and other relevant information about what type of request you want to make (pull data from Airtable, update data in Airtable, etc).


If you have a browser cookie stored, you can just enter the name of the cookie and Frontly will be able to use that as a data source.

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