If you want your module to display data from an external source like a Google Sheet or an API, you need to create a Data Source.

Once you have configured your data source action, you will need to press the 'Run Action' button to get a preview of the data for setup purposes.

You will either see the green checkmark telling you that your data source is setup correctly, or you'll see a red X showing you that you need to run the action or fix an issue.

Frontly's page builder allows you to view your real data while setting up your module, to ensure you connect the correct fields.

Your live app will always show real-time data, so there's no need to refresh this data manually.

However, if you want to see the up-to-date data in your page builder, you just need to click the 'Run Action' button again for your Data Source. This will re-fetch the updated data and if you hit 'save', it will stay in your page builder.

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